Starbucks New App and New Star System Rolls Out Today

If you are a frequent visitor to Starbucks, you will need to make sure you get the new app for your Android phone today.  The updated app has been released in conjunction with the revamped star rewards scheme that the company has to reward frequent shoppers.  The updated app reflects this update to the scheme along with some general improvements to the user experience in the app.  While you can still use the old version of the app – at least for now – you may not get the correct star rewards totals with it.  Upgrading is highly recommended.

For those who don’t frequent Starbucks or who are unfamiliar with the Star Rewards, basically it is a frequent shopper program.  It use to be that you would get 1 star for every visit, regardless of

Starbucks App for Android

Starbucks App for Android

how much you purchased.  After 12 stars, you got a free drink of your choice.  Under the new system, you get 2 stars for every $1 you spend with a free drink of your choice coming to you after 125 Stars.  It is designed to reward those who spend more money essentially which some have liked and others haven’t so much.  For me, I’m good with the change.  I spend an average of $8 each time I’m at Starbucks.  That is 16 Stars now instead of 1 Star per visit and I will get a free drink of my choice after 8 visits, down from 12.  I’ll take it.

As for the app, all of the features you have had in the past are still there including the ability to order ahead and pay with your phone via the app.  All of the menu and nutrition items are still in the app as well so you can make informed food decisions too.



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