Celebrate Star Wars Day With Google Play Music’s John Williams Station

As just about everyone on the planet knows, today, May 4th, is Star Wars day.  Undoubtedly on your Google+ or Facebook timeline you will be told, more than once today, May The Fourth Be With You.  Yeah, it’s geeky but fun.  To add to your fun, head over to Google Play Music on your Android device (or on the web) and look up The Galaxy of John Williams radio station.  The station has been setup by the team at Play Music to bring you one place to get all of the great movie soundtracks, including those from Star Wars, in one station for your listening pleasure.

For those that may not know, John Williams has been a prolific composer in Hollywood, composing and directing the scores of dozens of movies including Jaws, Star Wars, E.T., Hook, Raiders of

The Galaxy of John Williams Radio Station on Google Play Music

The Galaxy of John Williams Radio Station on Google Play Music

The Lost Ark, JFK, Harry Potter and The Patriot.  Not only has Williams composed many of the theme songs we know and love, he has also composed song for the Olympics and various television shows over the course of his 6-decade career.

The station in Google Play Music is free and for those of you who have the Unlimited plan, yes, you can download these songs to your library and play them offline as well.

Enjoy!  And May The Fourth Be With You!

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