Chrome OS Receives Another Minor Update

The Chromium team at Google has pushed out another small, midstream update to the platform today, bringing a handful of minor fixes and improvements.  The new build versions are  50.0.2661.103 or 50.0.2661.104 (Platform version: 7879.74.0 or 7978.76.0) and it is available for all devices with two notable exceptions:  The Pinky 11.6″ Chromebooks and the Asus Chromebit.  No word is given in the release on if these devices will see a separate update later but if you own one of those devices, keep checking.  There are not a huge number of changes in this update, with the release stating stability improvements, bug fixes and security updates are included in it.

The release also explicitly points out that improvements to Bluetooth device naming and the Material Design of Chrome.  If you remember to the main update to Chrome OS that happened a

Chrome OS

Chrome OS

couple of weeks ago, these were two of several improvements made to the platform.  For the Chromium team to specifically call these out, it is likely that further improvements have been added now that it has been out in the public for a few days.

Other than these updates, there isn’t anything new mentioned and after updating my HP Chromebook G4 this morning, I’m not finding anything new of note.  If you do find something however, leave a comment.

As always, you can force your Chromebook to update now by going to Settings>About Chrome OS and having it check or an update.  It is a small one so it won’t take long to install but you will need to restart your device once the update is applied.

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