Google Ending Support For Old Versions of Google Drive for PC and Mac

If you are a user of the Google Drive app on your PC or Mac, make sure you are up-to-date.  Google has announced that starting July 1st, support for versions 1.22 and older will end.  Version 1.22 is over a year old so the cut back on support for it and older versions makes sense and falls in line with what the company has done on older version of other apps.  For reference, the latest version of the Drive sync app for PC is build 1.29.2074.1528.   To see what version you are running, open up the sync app, click on the menu (3 vertical dots) and then click about.  If you need to update, just go to your Drive folder online and in the lower left corner click on the Download for PC or Mac button.

If you do not upgrade, you will still be able to sync your files with Google Drive so this isn’t a matter of loosing access.  It is however a matter of being able to get support should you need it if

Google Drive System Tray Icon

Google Drive System Tray Icon

something goes wrong.  Further, the new versions of the app are much better at syncing your files (faster, more reliable connections) and have the latest security features from Google.

In the announcement, Google outlined the process for those who have Google for Work and an administrator of your apps while individual users are able to update immediately by clicking on the Download button on the Drive website.  For those who have Google domains tied to your Google for Work account, Google will be sending out migration information shortly.

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