Google Maps Update Allows Walkers and Bikers To Search Along Their Route

Google Map is receiving another update for Android users with this update more or less aimed at those who do a lot of walking or bicycling.  The updated build, version 9.26 for those keeping score at home, brings the ability for you to search for other places to stop along your walking or biking path.  Say, for example, you need to stop at the pharmacy while you are biking home, you can search for a CVS or Walgreens along the way and build in that stop on your commute home.  If this sounds familiar, it should.  Google Maps had this feature for those who drive but it was not available for those who were walking or riding.  Give the number of people who walk or ride bikes to and from work, especially in urban areas, this was a real miss up to this point.

The ability to add a “pitstop” into a commute is hugely handy and I can’t help but think that those who do a lot of walking or bike riding will benefit from it too.  If you haven’t used the feature, it is

Google Maps for Android

Google Maps for Android

pretty simple.  While you are in driving mode (or now walking or biking mode), you can search for common things (pharmacy, fuel, grocery store, etc) or you can do a customize search for something.  Maps will then show you those locations (say Walgreens) on your way from Point A to Point B which you can tap on and it will be added to your route automatically.  All of your ETAs and times will be adjusted automatically.  When you get to that stop, Maps will wait for you to tap the Arrow icon again to begin your journey to your next destination.

The update to Google Maps is rolling out in the Google Play Store now and you should see an OTA update for it over the course of the next few days.

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