Google Photos for Web Adds Bulk Date Editing and Easy Photo Removal from Albums

Google Photos on the web has received a great update this morning that brings two highly requested features to the photo service.  The first is the ability to bulk change the date and time on photos that you have imported.  This is great for those of you who have scanned in old photos (think pre-smartphone) and want to have them with the correct date (like your 17th birthday back in the 70s or 80s).  Once you have scanned the photos into Google Photos, you can select them and use the overflow menu in the upper right corner to change the date.  Once they are changed, the photos get reorganized in Photos according to that date.

The second big feature change is the ability to delete photos from Google Photos from an album.  Before this update, you could remove a photo from an album but it still remained in Google

Bulk Date Change in Google Photos

Bulk Date Change in Google Photos

Photos in your photo library.  This update, you can still do that or you can completely delete the photo entirely from the service.  Obviously be careful with this one folks.  While you can still recover a deleted photo from the trash, you can only do that within 60 days of it being deleted.  After that, it is gone forever.

These two new changes have been big feature requests from users of Photos.  As a Top Contributor for Google Photos, I saw requests for these features regularly and it is great to see the Photos team responding positively with these changes.  As I always suggest, if there is a feature you want to see (or an enhancement), use the Send Feedback feature in the app or on the web to get it straight to the Google Photos team.  While I can’t promise it’ll make it to a future release, it doesn’t get the feedback to the team for consideration and if enough people request it, that bumps it up that consideration list.

If you haven’t tried Google Photos, you can download the app for Android here.  It is also available for iOS.  Do note that these new features, right now at least, are web only.

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