Google Sheets App Updated With Improved Image Support

Google Sheets, the spreadsheet app in the Google Apps for Work suite, has been updated with a long missing and much wanted feature:  Image support.  With this update, users will be able to view images and drawings with the Sheets app and not have to revert to the desktop version of the app to view them.  It is a nice addition for sure and closes the feature parity gap between the desktop and mobile versions of the app.  The update is rolling out now to the Google Play Store and given that this update also impacts the iOS version, the update is rolling out in the iTunes App Store too.

There is one benefit that Android users will have over iOS users with this new feature.  On Android, you can view images even if they are on a frozen section of the spreadsheet.  In previous

Charts in Google Sheets for Android

Charts in Google Sheets for Android

versions of the app, images in frozen sections would not render.

If you have Google Sheets installed on your Android phone or tablet, the update will come to you via an OTA update as usual.  It could be a few days before you see it as these updates all get phased into the store.  Keep in mind that the update is for Android phones and tablets as well so you should have the same functionality across all of your devices.

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