Microsoft Adds Wunderlist Support to Arrow Launcher for Android

Microsoft’s latest improvement to their launcher app for Android, Arrow Launcher, brings more improvements and functionality to the app.  For those who have tried it,  Arrow Launcher gives a mult-page look to your phone that brings things like contacts, widgets, most used apps and reminders within easy reach and is designed for Android phones.  The latest update, version for those keeping score at home, brings a handful of new features to the app.  The biggest of those new features is integration with Wunderlist.  With this update, all of your lists are displayed and you can set reminders for the app within Arrow as well.

Notification badge counts have also been added to this update.  Now you can display them on the Apps page within the launcher and on the Recent page, image preview is available on text

Microsoft Arrow Launcher

Microsoft Arrow Launcher

messages that have attached images.  Microsoft has also expanded the language support of Arrow Launcher, adding support for German, Spanish, Turkish, Vietnamese, Polish, Italian, and Indonesian.  Finally, the company has improved the memory efficiency of the launcher so it, in their words, is using less memory than ever on your device.

Overall it is a great update and if you are looking for an alternative launcher for your Android phone, this free one from the Microsoft Garage team is not a bad option.  It still has some growing up to do but Microsoft is taking a lot of user feedback in shaping this app as these updates, most of which were user requested, prove out.

Arrow Launcher is free in the Google Play Store

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