SanDisk 200GB MicroSD Card Back On Sale at Amazon

It seems like every week there is a sale going on at Amazon on SanDisk MicroSD storage but the 200GB model is often left out of the loop.  Not today.  If you have been wanting to pick up the top-end card you can do it, today only, for $59.99 on Amazon.  That’s a massive different from when the card was released last year at over $200 but more recently has been in the $80 range.  Obviously, if you are planning to put this into your Android phone or tablet, make sure it can support this big of a card.  Many devices, especially those over a year old, can’t do it so make sure before you make the purchase.  If it is too big, you can still pick up a great deal on the 128GB card.

The 128GB SanDisk MicroSD is down to $40.09, a savings of about 73% off the normal price while the 64GB card is also on sale at $24.91.  The 200GB card is the only one that is truly time

SanDisk 200GB MicroSD

SanDisk 200GB MicroSD

limited.  That price is good for today only so if you want that model, you need to jump on it.  For the 128GB and 64GB models, those prices are good until supplies run out.  I posted on those being on sale just last week so obviously stocks remain.



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