T-Mobile Rolls Out Android Marshmallow To The LG G3

For those of you who have the excellent LG G3 on the T-Mobile network, today is a great day.  The carrier has started pushing out the Android Marshmallow update to the device, bringing it up to version 6.0 of Android and all the goodness that the release has in it.  The updated version you are looking for is build H63120b and while T-Mobile on their support page do not given an indication of size, if other updates are any indication, you can expect about a 1GB download from Lollipop to Marshmallow.  That means you will need to be on Wi-Fi to download it and you can expect the total update time to take about 30 minutes.

By this point I’m sure most readers are well versed in all the things that Marshmallow brings to devices but for those who haven’t kept up, you can read my review of the release here and my



specific coverage on Doze, the battery saving feature that I think is the killer feature of the release.

T-Mobile also indicated in the release notes that the update includes improvements to Wi-Fi calling on the LG G3.  This is likely to do with overall call stability improvements, especially on weak networks.

The update for the LG G3 is rolling out in phases as these things do so it may be a few days before you see Marshmallow on your phone.  You can always do a manual check for it by going to Settings>About>Software Update on your phone and check for it.  Once it download you will need to restart your phone to perform the install.

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