TripIt Update Brings Support for Android Wear

If you are a user of the TripIt app to manage your travel itenararies, the latest update to the app brings a host of improvements as well as Android Wear support.  The updated build is version 4.6 for those keeping score at home and the big update is Wear support.  Now you can access your trip details from your watch without having to take your phone out of your pocket.  Even better, there is also a new flight countdown timer, exclusive to Android Wear, so you can keep track up to the second when your flight is to depart.

TripIt is just the latest in a long line of apps that have really started to leverage the power of Android Wear, giving users the ability to do simple functions on their wrist instead of having to touch

TripIt Android Wear Support

TripIt Android Wear Support

their phones or go to the website.  Speaking of website, most of the rest of the features that are in this new update are aimed at keeping you on your phone instead of having to go to your PC.  You can now merge itineraries from your phone, something to this point that has only been available on the website.  Other changes include some improvements to maps and directions, a few tweaks and enhancements to itinerary information and improved ability to see your upcoming travel.

TripIt comes in two flavors:  A free ad-supported version and a .99 Cent pay version that is ad-free.  If you are a TripIt Pro customer ($49 a year) then the ad-free version of the app is included in your subscription.  If your company uses Concur for your travel and expenses, you may want to see if you already have Pro which again, would get you the ad-free version at no cost.  Check with your corporate travel team.

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