Google Fit Sees A Major UI Revamp

Google Fit, Google’s fitness tracking app, has received a major update that brings an all-new user experience.  For all intents and purposes, the whole app looks completely new with far more detail on the main page of the app along with more granular historical data.  Gone is the large circular indicator of steps and exercise and replacing it is a cleaner UI with your active minutes, distance, calories burned and steps across the top of the page while more detailed information is found in sections below.  This information not only shows you which days of the week you hit your step count goal, but also your activity goal and a clean, easy-to-read graph of your weight with a trend line.

Further down the page you will find your recent workouts, your recent walks and you can add an activity by using the floating + icon as well as add a goal or log your weight.  For those of you who

Google Fit's New UI

Google Fit’s New UI

are looking for your timeline in the new UI, that is found in the menu section of the app now.

Along with the overall app changes, the Widget for Google Fit has also been update.  It is now a transparent circle that scales and it is seemingly up to date more quickly than the previous widget.  This new widget will let you know your progress towards your step goal which is also listed below the widget for you to see.

Finally, the Google Fit watch face for Android Wear has been updated too.  Gone is the colorful circle that indicated your activity and in is a new face that gives you much more information.  Like the main page in the app, the watch face now gives you your active minutes, your distance, calories burned and total steps.  It is a lot more information at a glance and personally I think a bit step in improvement.

New Google Fit Watch Face

New Google Fit Watch Face

If you haven’t tried Fit out, it is free (and comes pre-loaded on many phones now).  I reviewed it last year and while that review can be helpful, the app has grown up substantially since that initial review.  It is far more accurate than it was in the past on counting steps with or without a Wear device and with this new UI, feels a lot more grown up and professional.

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