Microsoft Arrow Launcher Updated With Office 365 Support

Microsoft has rolled out a sizable update to their launcher app, Arrow Launcher, that brings some much needed support and improvements.  The update, version 2.0 for those keeping score at home, brings native Office 365 support.  This means that users of the launcher will be able to view files from their Office 365 account without actually having to launch the Office app on their phone. Further, for documents on your phone, you can upload them from the phone to your Office 365 account (OneDrive).  It is a really nice update and while the lack of Outlook support for the calendar in Arrow remains an issue, this is a huge step towards fully “Microsofting” your Android phone.

In addition to this new feature, there are a few other notable changes in this update.  First, visually, there has been a refresh of the stock wallpapers within the launcher for an update look.

Microsoft Arrow Launcher

Microsoft Arrow Launcher

Perhaps more importantly, the app has been optimized to use, according to Microsoft, up to 50% less network data than the last version of the launcher.  This drop in activity should translate to a drop in your data plan usage by the app.  Given how much the launcher leverages real time data, a drop of this magnitude speaks well of the Microsoft team working to really optimize the launcher.

Arrow launcher is a free app in the Google Play Store and since it is a launcher, it replaces whatever you have as your home launcher now (like Touchwiz or Google Now).  If you are heavy into the Microsoft ecosystem I recommend giving it a try.  There are a few things that need improvement still but the focus and effort on this app by Microsoft is pretty clear and updates are often.

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