OnePlus Abandons Invite System for OnePlus 3

As I posted yesterday, OnePlus plans to launch their next flagship device, the OnePlus 3, on June 15th.  Perhaps the better news for OnePlus fans is the fact that, for the first time, you won’t need an invite to purchase the company’s new phone the day it goes on sale.  That’s right, the invites are gone!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with what I’m referring to, let me give you some background.  With the launch of the original OnePlus One, the OnePlus 2 and the OnePlus X, the company required that you have an invite to purchase the phone.  An invite was acquired by requesting one from the company and later by contributing to their forums, you could move up in queue.  The idea for OnePlus was to allow them to see a reasonable representation of demand for the device so they could keep manufacturing overhead (extra inventory down) under control.  It was a great concept for the company, but one that pretty much failed from a customer experience perspective.

So imagine that you want to get a OnePlus 3 and you are told you can’t buy it for another 2 weeks… or 2 months.  You, like many others did on previous launches, simply would lose patience and

OnePlus 3 Render from TENAA

OnePlus 3 Render from TENAA

go to another device that could be purchased today.  OnePlus is hoping to avoid this on the launch of the OP3.  The plan is that you will have the ability to buy the phone the day it is available for sale.  While the company may limit the number you can buy, at least you can buy it.  Reading between the lines, it also means that the company has beefed up their manufacturing and supply chain enough to know how many devices to make without the risk of having a lot sitting in warehouses.

It is good news for everyone, especially the rabid fans of OnePlus.

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