Play Store Now Showing A Beta Channel for Everyone

It has been rolling around in, erm, beta for a while now but the new Beta channel in the Google Play Store is now available to everyone.  The update on the back end and a recent update to the Play Store app on Android will now show you the beta apps that are available to you for the apps installed on your phone or tablet.  Generally it is only going to show you the beta programs you are involved in so don’t look for beta programs to join here.  Rather, it is simply a way for you to easily see which apps you are running beta code.

This new beta channel has been in testing for several weeks now and some users did see it pop up from time-to-time in the Play Store on their devices.  At the time it seemed that Google was

Beta channel in the Play Store

Beta channel in the Play Store

preparing for a wider launch which, today, has happened.  For those of you who don’t participate in betas or have no real interest, there is nothing for you to do or worry about.  You simply have another tab area in the Store app to show you which ones you belong too.  For those who are in beta programs, this should make it much easier to see which apps you are running that are beta at any given time.


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