Review of StilGut Leather Case for The Nexus 6P – Affordable Luxury and Protection

When it comes to protection of your devices, a case can go a long way in getting the job done, but finding one that looks good while it protections can be challenging.  Further, when you do find that nice looking case you wouldn’t mind carrying around, the price gives you pause.  The German company StilGut has solved that with some excellent, well designed leather cases at an affordable price.  Making cases for a wide range of devices, StilGut produces all handmade leather cases that are well designed, provide good protection and just look good on any device.  I recently picked up the cognac brown leather folio case for my Nexus 6P and it is a purchase I do not regret.  Here is my review of the case if you are considering picking one up for your 6P or other devices.

The StilGut case for the Nexus 6P is designed to hold the phone snug but not be so large that it makes the overall package of the phone and case to big to slip into a pocket or handbag.  The tray

StilGut Folio Case in Cognac Brown for the Nexus 6P

StilGut Folio Case in Cognac Brown for the Nexus 6P

that holds your phone is a plastic shell that is encased in supple and fine grain leather.  The inside of the tray has a soft leather insert to prevent scratches to the back of your phone while it is in the case and there are notches cut out along the edge of the tray so you can easily access all of the buttons on your phone as well as the USB Type-C connector at the bottom of the phone and the 3.5mm headphone jack at the top.  On the back of the tray are precision cut holes for the camera, laser focus beam and fingerprint scanner of the Nexus 6P.  Again, the idea is to provide protection but not hinder your ability to use your phone.

To install your Nexus 6P into the case, simply slide the power & volume rocker side of your phone into the outer edge of the tray then snap the other side into the case by pressing down on it.  It is a simply process and equally is easy to remove the case should you want to do so by repeating this process in reverse.

The outside of the case is a nice quality leather that both looks good and feels good to the touch.  When you open up the box that the StilGut case ships in, you will notice the smell of leather first even before you hold it for the first time.  Just as important, the stitching on the case is clean, straight and precise, always a good indicator of a well made case.  The case I ordered is a folio style (or book style) case so it has a front protective flap to cover my 6P.  The flap itself is sewn into the back of the case but under the main leather shell of the case so it feels smooth and uninterrupted as you whole the case in your hand.  Because the flap joins on the back and not on the edge of the case, it folds back easily and comfortably out of the way if you are holding your phone for a call or typing on it.  The inside of the flap has a soft protective leather that again, protects from scratches.  One really nice feature of this particular StilGut case is that it leverages the proximity sensor in my 6P to activate the screen as soon as I flip open the case.  Likewise, it shutdown (and in my case locks the phone) the screen when I close it.  Other folio style cases don’t do this which means that you may have your screen on accidentally and wasting battery power.

Having used the StilGut case on my Nexus 6P the last week or so, I’m more than impressed.  It looks and feels great in my hand but doesn’t get in the way of me being able to easily and quickly get into my phone to do the things that I need to do.  The construction of the case is outstanding and I’m confident that it will protect the phone while still looking good doing it.

If the construction and design of StilGut cases doesn’t do it for you, the pricing of their cases will get your attention.  Here in the US, the company sells through Amazon and offers a wide range of cases for many Android devices new and old.  In my case, the case I purchased was $39.99.  Given the features and quality of this case, other high-end leather cases like this one are easily in the $60 range.  Yes you can certainly find their cases for more but looking through their lineup, given the quality and features, they are generally less expensive than similar cases from other manufactures.

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You can look at the complete lineup of StilGut cases for Android and iOS devices on Amazon by visiting their page on the online retailer’s site.


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