Signal Spy Update Brings Support for U.S. Cellular

Signal Spy, the great helper app for Project Fi users, has been updated and now also supports U.S. Cellular.  As readers will know, Project Fi has started rolling out support for U.S. Cellular as part of the MVNO (joining T-Mobile and Sprint) so it can seamlessly move you from any of the three carriers to another for better data and call quality.  Signal Spy, which allows you to monitor your connections and manually force them to change, now supports U.S. Cellular too.

The updated build to Signal Spy brings several enhancements and improvements to the app in addition to the U.S. Cellular support.  A new Data Usage report has been added to the app so you can

T-Mobile Carrier LTE Information via Signal Spy

Signal Spy

quickly and easily see which apps are consuming the most data on your phone.  For Pro users, that data usage is broken out by network for more granular detail.  Also for Pro users, there is a new Data Saver feature will alert you if you are using your data plan and not Wi-Fi.  This will help you eat up all your data on your Fi plan unknowingly.  Finally, there are some general bug fixes and improvements.

Signal Spy is a free app and is ad supported.  By purchasing the $2 Pro level you lose the ads and gains several Pro features with more continually in the pipeline.  If you haven’t read my review of the app, you can do so here.

Signal Spy is really one of those must-have apps for Project Fi users.  If you haven’t tried it out, you can download it from the Play Store

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