Starbucks App Update Makes Tracking Rewards Easier

There is a new update to the Starbucks app rolling out for Android that brings a much easier way of tracking your progress towards a free coffee.  The update, versions 4.2.1 for those keeping score at home, now has a Rewards bar at the top of the main page that tells you how many stars you need to collect to get that free cup of Joe.  In the previous version, you had to tap on your star count at the top to see how many you needed for your reward.  This update eliminates the need to do that tap, putting your needed number of stars front-and-center for you.

As you may recall, Starbucks changed their reward program back in April.  The new program rewards you with 2 stars for every $1 you spend with 125 stars needed for a free coffee of your choice.

Starbucks App New Rewards Banner
Starbucks App New Rewards Banner

Previously it was 1 star per visit so with this change, tracking progress became a bit more tricky.  This new Rewards bar in the app should make it a bit quicker and easier to see your progress.

In the release notes for the update, Starbucks also indicates that there have been a few bug fixes and other under-the-hood improvements to the app.  Nothing is specifically called out in the notes but it is always a good idea to get the latest build of any app to make sure it is performing well on your phone.

The Starbucks app is free in the Google Play Store. In order to use the app for in-store payments, you will need to fund it with a credit or debit card.  You can also add any gift cards you may have to the app for payment as well.

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