Today’s Deal: Patriot 128GB MicroSD Class 10 for $29

Today’s deal over at Amazon is another good one on a MicroSD card.  Yesterday I posted on the SanDisk 128GB MicroSD card for $39.  Today it gets one-upped by the Patriot 128GB card.  Right now on Amazon you can pick up the Patriot 128GB Class 10 MicroSD card for $29.99.  This card has a transfer rate of 70mb/sec so full HD video recording on this card will be no problem at all.  The card comes with a SD card adapter as well, something that everyone can use a spare one or two.

Interestingly, Amazon has a 5-pack of this Patriot card available as well for $147.99.  That breaks down to $29.60 each so not much of a savings but a little never hurts.  If the 128GB card is too big

Patriot 128GB MicroSD Card

Patriot 128GB MicroSD Card

for your device, you can pick up the same spec’d 64GB card for just $15.99.

As always, make sure you check your phone or camera to make sure it can handle the 128GB card.   The price is good until supplies run out at Amazon.

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