Google Makes Registering to Vote Easier

Here in the United States, we are in the throws of election season.  In November the Presidential election happens along with some House of Representatives seats, Senate seats and countless local elections.  A fundamental right in the United States is the right to vote and regardless of where you stand on a particular candidate or issue, exercising that right is key to making the country work. As my father always told me, “I don’t care who you vote for, but vote.”  But figuring out where and how to register to vote can be tricky.  That’s where Google comes in and helps simplify things.  Now you can simply type in “Register to vote” in Google Search on your phone and all of the details on how to register for your state will be displayed.

The information provided can be broken down to your particular state of residence and provides you information such as what is required to register, the deadlines for your state and the like.  The

Google Register to Vote Information

Google Register to Vote Information

idea is to provide you the information in a quick and easy way so you can get the registration done and vote in this upcoming election.

Google has provided similar information throughout this election season such as the delegate counts for the candidates and other information around state primaries and the like.

This new feature is rolling out now and should be out to everyone now and remember that Google will also be live streaming both party’s conventions (Republican this week, Democrat next week) so you can stay up-to-date throughout these events through your phones.

Please note that any comments for any particular candidate, policy or issue will be deleted.  This purpose of this post is to inform users of this new feature, not to be a platform for any political agenda. 

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