Internet Speed Test in Google Search Rolls Out

After being available to a limited number of users, the new Internet Speed Test feature built into Google Search is now available to the rest of us unwashed masses.  There is no app update required but you should be able to go to Google search on your Android phone or tablet and type in “Internet Speed Test” and get the option to use the feature.  Once you tap the Run Speed Test button, a download and upload test of your internet connection will be started.  Once it is completed, you’ll see the results of the test along with a description of what type of performance you can expect with apps or streaming content based on your connection speeds.

The test is powered by Measurement Labs and having done some testing of this new feature along side the

Internet Speed Test in Google Search

Internet Speed Test in Google Search

likes of the Ookla Speedtest app, the results are very similar and it provides you a high level overview of your connect speed.  While you can still get more detailed information about your connectivity through an app like Speedtest, if you are just wanting a quick glance at the minute, the new Google Search feature makes that dead simple to do.

Again, no update to the Google Search app is required for this new feature.  It will just show up as an option for you in Search when you search for Internet Speed Test.

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