Microsoft Arrow Launcher Sees Further Enhancements

Microsoft has released another update to the Arrow Launcher for Android as they continue to address issues and add new, user requested features to the launcher.  The latest version, build 2.1 for those keeping score at home, has extended the notification badge for more apps.  Support for the notification badge now includes Facebook, WhatsApp, WeChat, QQ, and Skype.  This mans that if you get a message from one of these apps, you will get a visual notification within Arrow Launcher like you do with email and other apps.

This update also includes support for a 24 hour clock and has added effect and material design animations

Microsoft Arrow Launcher

Microsoft Arrow Launcher

for smoother and nicer looking transitions.

One notable bug fix in this release is around recent calls and contacts.  Some users were having issues with the history not being there at all or it being inaccurate (calls missing).  This appears to have been addressed in this update along with some bug fixes around contacts and their visibility as well.

The update to Arrow Launcher comes on the heels of a big update to the Office apps last week and shows the company’s continued commitment to supporting mobile platforms with their apps regardless of which device you chose to use.

If you want to try the launcher, it is a free download in the Play Store.

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