MLS App Updated with All-Star Game Details

Fans of Major League Soccer, there is an update of the MLS app waiting for you.  The updated app, version 7.3 for those keeping score at home, brings several new features and updates.  The biggest of those updates is information and details about the upcoming All-Star game in San Jose.  That match happens on July 28th and is against the English Premier League team, Arsenal.  Now the app provides you more details and information about the game including roster information.  When the match is ongoing, you’ll be able to get play-by-play details of the match on your phone just like you do normal MLS matches.

The other big update is the addition of Audi Player Index into Matchcenter as well as other performance and security updates.

MLS App for Android

MLS App for Android


If you like football (or as we in America call it, Soccer) and haven’t checked out the MLS app, you need to give it a go.  The app is designed pretty well with easy navigation and configuration so you can follow your favorite MLS team (for me, that’s the Colorado Rapids) and get live notifications during matches of goals, penalties and other important match information.

The MLS app is free and available in the Play Store.

And yes, for those who follow me on Goolge+, I am conflicted.  Arsenal is my favorite EPL team…

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