Google Calculator Adds Nougat Support

The utilitarian app Google Calculator has been updated for Android and while it is certainly a small update, it does have one nice new creature comfort feature and an underlying more important one.  First, the update is build is version 7.0.1 for those keeping score at home and it is rolling out in the Google Play Store now.  You should see the OTA in a day or two.  As for the creature comfort feature, the app now groups large numbers.  In other words, here in the US, you will see a comma between each group of numbers such as 123,456,789.  Previously you would just see 123456789.  Again, not a big deal but it does make it easier if you are using the app for computing large numbers.

The bigger deal however is the listing for support for Android Nougat.  One of the best indicators outside of the Android Beta program that Google is getting the final release of the next version of

Number Grouping in Google Calculator

Number Grouping in Google Calculator

Android out is when they start updating their own apps to support it.  Google Calculator certainly isn’t the first app they have listed as supporting Nougat but it is the latest and it is a good sign for Nougat to be release pretty soon.

As for when that release will happen, it is not clear but many think it will be towards the end of this month or perhaps early September.

You won’t find any new features other than those mentioned here on Google Calculator but as everyone gets ready for Nougat to hit their devices, upgrading the app now certainly won’t hurt.

If you are looking for a solid calculator app, give Google Calculator a try.  It is free.

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