Google Inbox Update Brings Dramatically Improved Search Feature

Google has rolled out a nice improvement to the search functionality in the Google Inbox app.  This latest update builds on the 1.30 update that rolled out last week and is a behind-the-scenes update.  So long as you have the latest version of the app, this feature will roll out to you over the course of the next few days.  Essentially, this new search function makes it far easier and faster to search for an email message.  By tapping the search function, you will see a quick list of the contacts you email with often, the businesses you email with often and a refinements section that allows you to search for messages that have attachments, photos or are from last week to name a few.  You can, of course, still search for any word, date or topic within the search function as you have always been able to do.

The idea of course is for Google Inbox to provide you a list of “quick hits”:  Those contacts and businesses that you email with often so you can quickly find them.  But equally as powerful is the

Google Inbox New Search Tool

Google Inbox New Search Tool

refinements section.  Here there are 10 different ways you can quickly dive into your Gmail account and find things.  Looking for an email older than a year old?  You can search that with a tap of a button.  Looking for an email that is over 5MB in size?  Done.  Just tap a button.  It’s really impressive and if you are a heavy Gmail-meets-Inbox user, you’ll quickly find this new search function to be handy and powerful.

If you haven’t tried Google Inbox, give it a go.  It is a simplified and easy way to manage your Gmail account and it is available both on your Android devices and on the web.

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