Google Photos for Web Now Handles Burst Photos Correctly

A small but important update has rolled out on Google Photos online.  The update now has burst photos that you have taken from your phone or tablet and have sync’d to the cloud rendered as a group of photos and not individual photos.  The change follows an update to the Google Photos Android and iOS apps a few weeks back where the same functionality was introduced.  Now you will get the same viewing experience across the web and your devices of burst photos.

When you have a set of burst photos synced to Google Photos online, you will now see them grouped together with an icon overlay and a number indicating the number of photos in that burst

Google Photos Web Supports Burst Photos

Google Photos Web Supports Burst Photos

sequence.  You can then tap on the photos to see all of the photos in the burst and edit or delete as you see fit.  It isn’t a huge change mind you but it is one that heavy users of the app and online service will find handy.

The nice thing is that this update is all behind-the-scenes.  There is nothing you have to do or update to see the new feature.  It will just appear on your burst photos when you get the update to your account.


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