Google Search Providing Detailed Info for the Rio 2016 Games

With the Rio 2016 Olympic games starting on August 5th, this coming Friday, the need for information and results always goes up and Google Search could be your answer.  Google has announced that Google Search on your Android phone has been updated behind-the-scenes to provide a wealth of information about the games as they happen in Rio.  The good news is this is all done on Google’s end – you don’t have to update your app on your phone.

On Google, searching for information about your favorite athletes and sports, the medal race, or your country’s schedule has never been easier. Pro tip: if you search on the Google app on Android and iOS, you’ll also see an option to get automatic updates on top event and medal wins, so you’ll never miss a beat.

With these changes, Google Search could well be your one-stop to get news and information about what is going on in Rio 2016 and your country’s athletes at the games this year.

In all, there are several different bits of information that Google Search will be providing on your Android or iOS device.

Rio 2016 Information in Google Search

Rio 2016 Information in Google Search

  • Discover the event schedule, medal counts, and athlete information in Search
  • Get results and view TV schedules in 30+ countries
  • Watch official broadcasters’ event highlights on YouTube in 60+ countries
  • Explore Rio and venues in Google Maps
  • Keep up to date with the latest search Trends from around the world

All of this by just doing a search for a specific sport (like “100M butterfly Rio 2016”) an athlete or country with Search.

The new feature is rolling out now and you should see it in the next day or two if you do not have it already.  Then get ready to cheer on your country and favorite athletes at the games in Rio!

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