LG Announces The LG V20 Phone Coming in September with Nougat

Today LG has announced that their upcoming flagship device, the LG V20, will be shipping starting in September.  Specifications around the new phone are virtually unknown.  Very few leaks have come out for the V20, a rarity these days, so nobody is 100% sure what the phone will have for a processor/memory combination.  Given it is a flagship, the V20 will likely have the upper end of the Snapdragon processor lineup (8xx) and 3GB of RAM but again, just speculation on my part.  What we do know however, based on this release from LG, is that the V20 will come with Android Nougat installed.

This certainly is in line with the expected release of Nougat this month which would give LG and other manufactures roughly a month to get a final build out for new phones.  It is also good to see a

Android Nougat

The LG V20 will come with Android Nougat

new phone announced with Nougat coming which was not necessarily the case with Marshmallow.  Indeed, up to as late as the December holidays, new phones were being launched with Lollipop.  Hopefully this announcement from LG will be an indicator that they and other manufactures are going to get Nougat out there faster than its predecessor.

There is no indicator at all on the price point for the LG V20 so that, like the specs, remains a mystery.  As more is available I’ll post on it but for now LG fans, take comfort in knowing a new flagship is on its way to you.

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