Madden NFL Mobile Hits The Play Store

With the NFL season just a few weeks away, the wait and anticipation of the new season is palatable across most of America.  To help you pass the time and to live out your digital football fantasy, EA Sports has released this years update to Madden NFL Mobile.  The game builds on the already successful franchise on mobile devices and tweaks some features and adds a few new ones for better game play.  Some of those new features include a Quarterback Scramble so you can have your QB tuck the ball in and run for that 1st down.  There are over 50 new offense plays in the game and the ability to build a defensive game plan for your next game.

Here is the complete rundown of features that come in this update for the game:

Madden NFL Mobile
Madden NFL Mobile
• New QB scramble feature with running for QBs during pass plays
• 50+ added Offensive Plays and the ability to build Defensive Gameplans
• League improvements, including achievements, a redesigned hub, and options based on play style
• More Live Events, like mini-games and tiered multi-day events
• Defensive line gameplay for faster tackles
EA Sports also notes that Madden NFL Mobile has had many under-the-hood tweaks to it as well to improve performance and game play.
If by chance you haven’t played the game, it is fun (and I don’t even really like football – I’m a baseball guy).  It is super easy to learn how to run, pass and kick in the game and the various modes you can play in make it a continual challenge to play.  As you go through the game, you can purchase packs with coins earned (or purchased) that allow you to build your ultimate team for the season.
The game is free and there are in-app purchases available as you would expect.