Play Solitaire Within Google Search

The Google Search team has added two fun games to Search that you can start playing immediately without any downloads.  On your Android phone, type in Solitaire or tic tac toe and you can immediately start playing the classic games right from within the Search results.  The new additions are just the latest in a series of app-like functionality within the Search app.  Previously information on the US election was added and more recently, detailed information about the Olympics in Rio were just a search away.  Games are nothing new either. You have been able to search flip a coin and get a coin toss from within search results too.  Now you have two more to play.

There is nothing really special to do to start playing solitaire or tic tac toe in Search.  In solitaire, you can select an easy or hard level game and you move the cards about as you would any other

Solitaire in Google Search

Solitaire in Google Search

solitaire game.  With tic tac toe, you select your difficulty level and then tap where you want to place the first X.  Search will play O’s and you try to get three in a row before it does.

Like other additions and changes to Search, this update is all happening behind the scenes.  It also works on Android tablets as well as phones.  Most users should already see the update to your account but if by chance you don’t, just give it a bit of time and it should be there.


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