Press Images of The Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Earlier today Samsung announced the new Galaxy Note 7, the latest phablet from the company.  You can get all the specs and details here.  Part of the announcement were a good set of press images of the device in its various colors.  I’ve put all of them in a gallery after the break which you can flip through and of course download them yourself if you want.  The Note 7 will come in four different colors:  black, silver, gold and Blue Coral.  Like previous Note devices, it comes with a stylus with over 4000 points of pressure that can make it easier navigating the 5.7″ dual edge display.

Overall, as you look at the images, you’ll see that Samsung did not deviate much from the formula of success they have had with previous Note models while taking some of the key elements of the S7 Edge to make a pretty appealing device from a spec and design perspective.  One key change that the company made on the Note 7 is that you cannot insert the stylus wrong into the chassis.  That was a big problem with the Note 5 with some users breaking their phones or the stylus itself.

Take a look at the gallery below and see what you think of the Note 7

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