Starbucks App Finally Arrives on Windows Phone

After months of waiting, the official Starbucks app for Windows Phone has been released.  The app, similar to the one available for Android and iOS, allows you to pay for your coffee or food items at participating shops with your phone.  This is done by providing a barcode which is connected to your Starbucks account (which in turn is tied to a credit card) that is displayed on your phone and scanned at the register.  It is quick and simple and as one who has been using their app on other platforms, it is about time it got to Windows Phone!

In order to use the app you will have to have a registered Starbucks account (which is free) and you will need to associate a gift card with your account.  Once you have done that, you can setup the

Starbucks app for Windows Phone

Starbucks app for Windows Phone

account to auto refill your account when you get to a certain dollar amount (less than $10 let’s say) so you never have to worry about it being empty when you desperately need that latte.  To do the auto refill, you will have to associate your account with a credit or debit card.

The app for Windows Phone has some nice goodies in it too.  You can set up your lock screen or your home screen wallpaper with an official Starbucks wallpaper and you can set up the app to require a PIN before it can be opened and used.

The app is free and available in the Windows Store

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