Update – Gmail Accounts Working on Windows Phone

Last week I posted about an ongoing issue that Windows Phone users have had with adding a Gmail account to their devices.  The issue was that when a user opened up Outlook Mail and attempted to add a Google account, it would give an error indicating that the browser of the device was not supported.  This on again-off again problem has been going on for several weeks but it appears, finally, that it has been addressed.  Google indicated in a forum post that the error was not intentional on the part of the company which I personally think is the case.  To me, this feels like simple inattentiveness on the part of the Mountain View company.

To be fair, it isn’t as if the Windows Phone population is massive and the lack of attention doesn’t come as a complete shock (if that was indeed the case).  Regardless who you want to point the finger

Gmail Error on Windows Phone

Gmail Error on Windows Phone

at on it, it appears to be fixed.  I tested out several of my devices this morning and all can easily add my Gmail account as expected.

If you have been challenged with getting your Gmail account added to Outlook Mail on your phone, you should be good-to-go at this point.  Go into the app, go to the menu (the … menu), tap Manage Accounts then add an account. You’ll see Google as an option where you can fill in your Gmail credentials and get going.

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