Wikipedia for Android Sees A Complete Redesign

The official Wikipedia app for Android has been updated in a big way, bringing a completely revamped user experience to the app.  The new home page for the app, the Explore feed, provides personalize and dynamic content to you.  It will show you top news stories, trending Wikipedia articles, suggestions to read and more.  It is pretty impressive and is a big departure from the somewhat static page the app had previously.

In addition to the new Explore feed in the Wikipedia app, voice integrated search is now in the app as well.  Now you tap the microphone icon in the search box and tell the app what you want to search for in Wikipedia.  The app leverages the voice recognition engine that is already built into your Android phone and leverages the Google APIs.  That means that you are getting the same accuracy that you do when you use “OK Google” on your phone.

As you would expect, this major update to the app also contains several bug fixes and compatibility fixes so even if the new features aren’t a big draw for you, bug fixes are always a good thing to have

New Wikipedia Explore Feed

New Wikipedia Explore Feed

on board.  If you have the app installed, you can expect an OTA update over the course of the next few days.  The build you are looking for is version 2.3.150-r-2016-07-25 for those keeping score at home.

If you haven’t checked out the Wikipedia app, you can download it for free from the Play Store.  The app and all of the content is 100% free but you can make a donation to the Wikipedia foundation from within the app to help support this free resource.


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