Chrome for Desktop Updated With Security Fixes

If you are using the Chrome browser on your Windows, Mac or Linux machine, there is an important update that is out now for you to download.  The update, version 53.0.2785.113 has several security improvements in it but most of what has been fixed has not been released by the Chromium team.  As is often the case on these mid-stream releases (remember, they just released a big update last week), the team and their researchers found a significant security issue and they won’t release the details of it until a majority of users have updated to the build.  Once that happens, all the gory details can be found on the Chromium Blog.

That said, there are five named fixes in the update, two of which were considered high priority.

Those fixes and their associated bounty paid by Google are below.

Chrome OS Build 53 Update

Chrome OS Build 53 Update

[$TBD][641101] High CVE-2016-5170: Use after free in Blink. Credit to Anonymous
[$TBD][643357] High CVE-2016-5171: Use after free in Blink. Credit to Anonymous
[$TBD][616386] Medium CVE-2016-5172: Arbitrary Memory Read in v8. Credit to Choongwoo Han
[$3000][468931] Medium CVE-2016-5173: Extension resource access. Credit to Anonymous
[$1000][579934] Medium CVE-2016-5174: Popup not correctly suppressed. Credit to Andrey Kovalev (@L1kvID) Yandex Security Team
To force the update in your browser, just type in chrome://help in the browser bar and it will automatically look for and install the update.
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