Fashion Week Front and Center in Google Search

Fall Fashion Week is nearly here and Google Search is making it easier than ever to follow the events, fashion houses, designers and, of course, the fashions during the events.  Across the world starting next week and with events in New York, Milan, Paris and London (to name a few), keeping up with all of it can be challenging.  Google Search is aiming to make it just a bit easier.  Starting now you can type in “Fashion Week” in Search and it will bring you designers, top stories and links to information from these events from around the world.

And this year in Google Search on your mobile phone, you can see the latest styles straight from the runway, hear directly from the designers, shop your favorite looks, see the schedule of events, find related news and follow the action like you’re sitting in the front row — or even backstage.

Google has partnered with BFA and firstVIEW to give you a wealth of information about what is going on not only on the runway but behind the scenes, the parties and of course the celebrity sightings. For Search users, you get the benefit of just being able to go one place to get all the information you want on the events around the globe.

Because these fashion events are all about the designers, Google is doing a bit of experimental work with some designers to give them the ability to inject information straight into Google Search.

Fashion Week in Google Search

Fashion Week in Google Search

Fashion Week is all about the designers: their inspiration, their creativity and their new collections. As part of an experimental feature, dozens of international designers and brands like Marc Jacobs and Stella McCartney will be posting on Google Search, sharing inside information before, during and after the shows

It is a pretty powerful feature that will give these designers a new platform to get their word and fashions out there.

Finally, as you would expect, you will be able to shop for fashions that you see directly from the fashion houses and designers.

There is nothing you as user need to do.  Just type in Fashion Week in Google Search and you have your ticket to the runway.

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