Gmail Update for Android Brings Improved Searching Functionality

Gmail for Android has been updated with several improvements for users.  The updated build, version for those keeping score at home and who like version number Bingo, is rolling out now in the Play Store and when you get it, you will find that you have much improved search features in the app.  Google has improved the search features in Gmail that give you much better search results of what is in your accounts whether you are offline or online.  Further, the search improvements work on both your Google accounts as well as your non-Google accounts.  You can search a variety of ways including the senders name and their email address.

Google has also improved the adding of a new account to Gmail.  Regardless of what type of account you are adding – Google, Microsoft’s, or Exchange – you will find that there are a few

Search Improvements in Gmail

Search Improvements in Gmail

less taps involved than previously required.  This is especially true of Exchange accounts.

Along with these improvements is a smattering of bug fixes and other performance updates to the app.

This update has been pushed out to the Play Store by Google and should be hitting your phone and tablet over the course of the next few days.

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