Google Allo Likely To Be Released This Wednesday

The stage is set for the world to finally see Google’s new messaging app, Google Allo, this week.  Wednesday in fact if you take in consideration the leak from Evan Blass over the weekend and Google’s own words.  On Saturday, Evan Blass tweeted that we would likely see the new messaging app this week.

Given Blass’ outstanding recording when it comes to such things, it is hardly for me to question that this will happen even if it is a leak-meets-rumor.  But for me, my money is on Wednesday of this week.  Why?  Google’s own words.

When Google announced Google Allo and Google Duo (the video call app which, by-the-way, is outstanding), they said they would release it “this summer”.  Summer, technically, ends on Wednesday.  Thursday is officially the first day of Fall.  So in keeping with the absolute letter of the day, that is why I think we will see Allo on Wednesday.  Sure it could happen earlier but Wednesday to me is the absolute deadline.

For Allo, Google is really working on making messaging more personal which, given the flood of apps in the market, is a tough trick to turn.  Allo will allow you to make your text big or small (so no

Google Allo

Google Allo

more ALL CAPS to yell) and it leverages Google’s AI and machine learning to give you great contextual information and quick replies.  It also has an incognito mode which will destroy messages after a time period you set.  This is clearly aimed at taking on Snapchat.

Personally, I’m looking forward to giving this new message app a try.  What about you?

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