Google Opinion Rewards Comes to Three New Countries

Google Opinion Rewards, the app that pays you Google Play Store credit for your opinion, has been updated and expanded.  Now Android users in Denmark, Norway and Sweden can take part in the program just by downloading the app and answering opinion questions as they are sent to you.  For those outside of these new countries, there is an app update available which has some stability fixes and other under-the-hood improvements that you’ll want to get.

If you aren’t familiar with the program, Google Opinion Rewards sends a survey once a week or so (sometimes more, sometimes less) that asks your opinion on anything from branding to places you visited to products and services.  Answering the survey’s will give you credit, up to $1, in the Play Store which you can spend later.  Most surveys are just a few questions so they are quick and easy to complete.

Google has been slowly expanding the app’s reach in the last few updates, adding several European countries this year.  The company can’t necessarily expand it everywhere however as local laws

Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards

in some countries prevent payments for opinions or have other tax implications.

If you haven’t tried out the app, it is free and signing up is free.  Once you get started, you will start receiving surveys to answer and start earning Play Store credits.  It’s free money people!  Sign up!

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