Microsoft News Pro Launches for Android

The Microsoft Garage team (think of it as a developer incubator) has released another new app that is designed to give you news and information based on your unique interests.  The new News Pro app leverages your social network interests to give you more personalized news and information based on your likes on those social networks.  You can sign in with LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook and the information provided to you will be based on your profile on that particular network.  It is a great concept and in playing with the app, it works pretty well.

When I sign in with Twitter, I generally get completely different content than I do when I sign in with LinkedIn which is the point.  News Pro tailors the information it provides you based on that

Microsoft News Pro

Microsoft News Pro

profile.  So your work-centric LinkedIn profile will give you different information than your public fun facing Twitter profile.

News Pro allows you to extend the scope of your daily news updates by suggesting new topics to search based off your current interests and by helping you discover websites where you can read articles that are interesting to you. You can also search for news related to any topic right in the app so you can always be fully informed.  Come and share news and exchange your opinions with colleagues and friends in groups.

Overall the app flows well and it is easy to find information and interests by scrolling down or sliding side-to-side in AMP-like cards.  The one drawback I have found to the app is that you can only use one social account at a time.  It would be good to see in a future update the ability to sign into multiple accounts and aggregate the information.  But it is early days.  This is, after all, version 1.0.

Give News Pro a try and see what you think.

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