Samsung to Limit Galaxy Note 7 Charging to 60% of Capacity in Korea

Samsung is working hard to try to sort out the battery situation with the Galaxy Note 7 and in their homeland, are taking an extrodinary step.  Starting today, the Associate Press is reporting that  Koreans who have a Galaxy Note 7 that has been recalled but is still out in the market, will receive an OTA update that will limit the battery charging to 60%.  The idea, of course, is to not over charge the batteries (which is a leading theory on the battery exploding issue) and make it painful enough for users to return the phone for an updated and safe unit.

Unfortunately, for now, this is only going to happen in Korea.

While the rest of the world will have to go through the exchange and return process on their Note 7, it would be ideal if Samsung released this OTA to the rest of the world just for safety reasons.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

The trick, of course, is globally they have to deal with dozens of country laws, carriers and the like to get updates like this out there.  It isn’t as simple as turning it on for a handful of carriers in one country.

Samsung as a company, while working hard to get things right, are suffering.  Over the weekend the company lost some $19 Billion in value as investors moved away from the company and there are still reports of injuries and fires happening with the Note 7.  On the bright side, the company has named a new battery manufacture for the Note 7, the same one that has been used in the non-recall effected Chinese models.  Updated Note 7s will have this new battery.

If you have a Note 7 and have not started the exchange or return process, please do so.  It is for your own safety and for those around you.

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