Samsung Reports Nearly Half of Defective Galaxy Note7 in The US Have Been Returned

Samsung USA has stated that nearly half of the 1 million of the Galaxy Note7 impacted by the recent recall have been returned here in the US.  That’s actually really great news as owners of the Note7 have taken the recall pretty seriously and returned the devices to their carrier or the store from which they bought it for a replacement.

Samsung Electronics America, Inc. announced today that about half of all recalled Galaxy Note7 phones sold in the U.S. have been exchanged through Samsung’s voluntary recall. Additionally, 90 percent of Galaxy Note7 owners have been opting to receive the new Galaxy Note7 since the phones became widely available on Wednesday, September 21.

It would appear too that users are opting to stick with the Note7 upon that exchange of their devices although they have mostly had the option to go with a different device if they so choose.

At the current return rate, Samsung should have some 90% of defective Galaxy Note7 phones in their hands by early October.  Getting that last 10% who haven’t returned the defective and potential

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

fire hazard first version of the phone will be tough but you can probably expect the carriers and Samsung themselves to contact owners to encourage them to get it returned.    As you probably know by now, you can tell if you have the updated Note7 by the battery indicator.  New ones will have a green battery, something that is unique to this device and something that Samsung had to work with Google to get approved (the battery icon in the Android SDK is standard).

A last plea folks:  If you have a Note7 and haven’t returned it to get the updated version, please for the love of all things good do it.

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