Snapseed Update Brings New Face Filter Tools

The Snapseed team over at Google have released another update to the Android photo editing app.  The update, version 2.9 for those keeping score at home, brings several new tools to the app as well as some improvements on preferences.  The new tools include a new Face tool which allows you to bring focus to faces, smooth skin and to add clarity to eyes.  Like the other filters in the app, you can adjust the strength of each of these elements of the tool to bring it to your liking or you can simply have Snapseed analyze your photo and make the adjustments automatically.  In testing out this new tool, the smoothing feature is very impressive.  It softens up lines and wrinkles but doesn’t over do it with too much softness.

The Perspective tool has also been updated with a new UI that is more intuitive and flexible.  This tool allows you to change the perspectives on your photos by removing elements from your

New Filters in Snapseed for Android

New Filters in Snapseed for Android

photos.  This tool is very powerful but takes a bit of practice to use and works best on landscapes.  There is also a new White Balance tool which allows you to have finer control over color balance in your photos.

Finally, when it comes to exporting your photos, you can now set a JPG compression rate preference or save in a lossless PNG format.

If you haven’t tried Snapseed out, it is one of the best photo editing apps out there and is very intuitive.  While it won’t have all of the features of a Photoshop, it will get you 90+% of the way there.  It is the editing app I always recommend.


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