Starbucks App Now Shows Travel Times To Pick Up Your Order

The Starbucks app for Android has been updated today and with it comes several new features around Mobile Order & Pay.  For those who aren’t familiar with Mobile Order & Pay, as the name suggests, you can pre-order your coffee or food items from your nearest Starbucks location using the app, pay for it using the app, and then just walk in and pick it up at the store.  No more queues waiting for our precious coffee!

One of the new features that has come to the app is travel times to the store at which you made your Mobile Order & Pay order.  The feature requires location services to be enabled and if it is, you will see the travel time from your location to that store so you can plan your journey to pick up your order.

In addition to this, the Starbucks app now has improved store location built into it.  When you are in the Mobile Order & Pay part of the app, you can now tap a drop down menu to show a quick

Travel Times to Your Nearest Starbucks Location

Travel Times to Your Nearest Starbucks Location

list of nearby locations and the time it is to those locations.  The menu will only show stores that are open so if you don’t see your favorite locations in the wee hours of the morning, it could be that it isn’t open just yet for the day.

Speaking of favorites, there will be a future update to the app that will allow you to designate your favorite stores and show you previous stores you have visited.

The updated Starbucks app is in the Play Store now.  Remember, in order to use the payment part of the app (which includes Mobile Order & Pay), you’ll have to have an account (free) and a registered Starbucks card which you can pick up at any location to get started.

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