Weather Channel App Update Brings Improved Radar Images

The Weather Channel app for Android has been updated today with some very impressive new radar images.  The updated build is version 7.0.1 for those keeping score at home and the update is rolling out in the Google Play Store now for those who have the app installed.  Now when you go to the radar section of the app, you will see a much more interesting maps than in the previous release.  The first thing you’ll notice is that the maps look more topographical which is great for those of us who live in mountainous areas.  But the update isn’t just skin deep.  The app now allows you to zoom down all the way to street level so you can see exactly when a storm is going to impact you & your neighborhood.  Before you could zoom in but it wouldn’t go down to street level.

Secondly, the Weather Channel has updated the future radar technology which allows you to see up to six hours into the future now and is designed to be a bit more accurate than it was in the past.

The Weather Channel App Radar

The Weather Channel App Radar

Now you can get a much better idea of when weather is going to impact your area which is great if you are outdoors.

The health information in the app has also been updated to provide you with real-time common cold and flu information in your area.  This is based on crowd-sourced reports so expect this to get more accurate as the cold & flu season hits your area this Fall and Winter.

The Weather Channel app is a free app and it is available for both Android phones and tablets.  You can download it here in the Play Store.

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