Galaxy Note7 Sales To Resume October 5th

There appears to be light at the end of the nightmare tunnel for Samsung.  T-Mobile announced yesterday that they, along with Sprint and Verizon, will resume sales of the Galaxy Note7 on Wednesday, October 5th here in the United States.  The resumption of sales ends a painful few months for the Korean manufacture who had to recall millions of Note7’s globally due to faulty batteries.  The new units have a completely new battery from a complete different manufacture.

Sprint and Verizon announced last Friday that they would be resuming sales of the device in their stores and online.  T-Mobile will be doing the same and they represent the first GSM carrier here in the United States to resumes sales.

For their part, AT&T has not indicated when they will resume sales of the Galaxy Note7 but do note on their website that any customer who still has a defective and recalled Note7 can come into aSamsung Galaxy Note 7 retail location and exchange it.  Those numbers of defective devices in the wild is quite small now so it is likely just a matter of time before AT&T announces they will resume sales.

There is little question that the recall of their flagship device cost Samsung billions of dollars.  The real question is if consumers will forgive and forget and still buy the Note7.  It has been reported that those who had a Note7 prior to the recall would get a new one and not exchange it for another device.  It is less clear if those looking for a new phone will buy it.  The next two quarters of sales numbers from Samsung will tell that story.


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