Google Maps Now Shows Your Upcoming Events

Google Maps has had a nice addition over the last few days which gives you a list of events you have coming up so you can quickly find them in Maps and navigate to them.  The new list is found under My Places in the app.  There you will find a new tap, Upcoming, where you will find events that you have coming up based on things Maps finds in your calendar and in Gmail.  If, for example, you have travel plans or dinner reservation confirmations emailed to your Gmail account, they will now show up in this Upcoming list.  Likewise, if you add an event to your calendar, it too will show up.

Once you have the event in the Upcoming tab, all you can tap on it and it will bring up the event’s location within Google Maps.  From there you can easily navigate to that event.

In order for an event to show up in the Upcoming list, the date, time and address of that event has to be in the Calendar event or in the Gmail confirmation and it has to be somewhere other thanGoogle Maps Upcoming events work or home.  In other words, this feature isn’t aiming to replace your calendar.  It is just for those events outside of your normal places that you need to be at on a given date and time.  Also, it only appears to be working with Gmail for now.  I’ve done some testing with my Exchange account but those events are not showing up in the list of Upcoming events.

If you have the latest version of Google Maps on your phone then you have all you need.  This new feature is something that Google added on the backend and no app update is required.

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