Android Nougat Makes its Debut In This Months Install Base Report

Today the Android team released their distribution report meets install base report and Android Nougat has made its debut in the report.  While the number is small – .3% – it is a positive sign that it has hit this report after a month on essentially only Nexus devices.  Given that other manufactures and Google themselves have rolled out the new Pixel lineup with Nougat, this number is only going to go up and likely at a faster clip than that of Marshmallow.  Speaking of Marshmallow, that build had a healthy bump in usage this month, up to 24% of the install base.  That’s up several percentage points over the October report.

Interesting, king of the hill remains to be Android Lollipop.  That now 2+ year old version of Android is on 34.1% of all devices that hit the Play Store for the week ending November 7, 2016.  Given the huge number of devices that are out there running Lollipop and that will never see an update to Marshmallow, it is likely that KitKat’s install base will continue to be high for quite some time.

As you can see in the snapshot of the report, older versions of Android continue to be out there and actively used by end customers.  13.7% of customers are running Jellybean while still 1.3% are

November Android Install Base Report

November Android Install Base Report

running Ice Cream Sandwich on their devices.  This distribution speaks to the challenging facing Android as a whole with manufactures and carriers not keeping their devices up to date.  Equally, Google doesn’t cut them off – you can still access the Play Store with Froyo!

As I like to do when these reports come out, I have analyzed what I’m seeing here on for comparison.  Android Marshmallow is the top draw on mobile devices with 53.47% for the same 7 day report as Google.  Android Nougat came in second at 24.58%.  Lollipop was third with 13.05% and it goes down from there.  Yes, there is still someone hitting the site using Android Froyo!

You can read the full report at the Android Developer Site.

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