Google Allo Adds Fantastic Beasts Stickers!

There is a nice behind-the-scenes update coming to Google Allo that brings a smart emoji feature and stickers for the new movie Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them stickers that you can share with friends.  The updates are rolling out now and it could take a day or two before everyone sees them.  The first update, smart emoji, is pretty slick.  As you start typing, you can tap the Smart Smiley in the keyboard and it will give you suggested emoji for your message.  Even if you haven’t started typing, it will suggest emoji based on the context of your conversation (thank you Google Assistant and Machine Learning!).  The idea, of course, is to save time by using emoji but also to get you the right emoji for the conversation.

Next is the new stickers for Allo.  The new prequel to Harry Potter, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is already causing a stir and now you can send friends stickers from the movie.  These

Fantastic Beasts Stickers in Google Allo

Fantastic Beasts Stickers in Google Allo

are something that you download to Google Allo by tapping the + in the text box and selecting the add stickers icon.  The Fantastic Beasts stickers are at the bottom but take a few minutes to check out the other sticker sets available for the app.  All of them are free and they are all pretty good.

Finally, there is a new themes feature.  Now you can set the theme for a conversation with a friend instead of just having the plain white background.  These will be selectable in the settings of the conversation by tapping the + in the typing box.

All of these features are rolling out to Google Allo both on Android and on iOS.  There is no indication from Google that an update of the app is required but keep your eyes out.  As you can see from the screenshot, the new stickers are already available to download.


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