Nextbit Robin Sees Several App Improvements

Owners of the Nextbit Robin will want to check their devices for updates over the course of the next few days.  Nextbit has pushed out a series of updates for the phone, updating a system level app as well as the Camera, Gallery and Smart Storage apps.  The updates are all being pushed at the same time so once you get one, you like will see all of them.  Robin owners will get these via an OTA update.

The first and probably the one you will notice first is the Nextbit Servcies update.  This update will pop up a notification that will allow you to opt-in to have additional performance metrics about Robin to be measured.  This is 100% opt-in and is not required… but if you want to help the Nextbit team improve the software on the Robin and likely learn things for their next phone, doing so isn’t a bad thing.  No, nothing you do on your phone is tracked, it is all anonymous data.

After that, there are three apps that see small tweaks to them:  Nextbit Smart Storage, Nextbit Camera and Nextbit Gallery.  In all three of these updates for the Robin, no specifics are provided in the

Nextbit Robin Opt-In

Nextbit Robin Opt-In

release notes.  Rather, they all point to small bugs being addressed and corrected in each app.  Don’t look for new features in the apps as you won’t find them.  These are purely bug fixes and improvements.

For those who are on the fence about the Robin, you can read my review of it here and you can still pick one up for $169 over at Amazon (which is a steal).

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